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Money grows on trees                                               


Synthesist's objective is to provide consultants, engineers and energy managers in the Energy Industry with a useful, affordable and reliable solution providing access to all energy related data ensuring that their sites run as efficiently as possible.

We take care of the daunting task of collecting data, creating user friendly reports and distribution through e-mail, fax, SMS and the web.

No minimum contract period, affordable rate and the ability to be on-line within 24 hours from date of installation ensures that the advisor can focus on his core-business of providing his customer with a professional and relevant service.

The operation and functionality of the solution is provided by our website in conjunction with Stark, UK. We have been involved in the energy industry for more than fifteen years specifically in the field of metering. As active participants in the DSM environment we understand the needs of ESCO's and energy managers providing relevant information to our clients.